Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting
Managed Dedicated ServersWhen it comes time to enlarge your business you require more than just a server, you require a solution. Web Design Mumbai features managed devoted servers using Xeon Servers, High Quality Bandwidth, and exclusive server management called Premium Xeon Management Services. A Managed Dedicated Server at Web Design Mumbai comprise of full server monitoring and recovery, patches and upgrades, advanced technical support, and enhanced security features. By becoming reseller with leading vendors such as Microsoft, Red Hat, cPanel, Plesk, HELM, Inter NAP, Urchin, and many more, we are able to make a solution that meets the needs of your organization.
Linux Dedicated Servers come in various flavors including the selection of 2 great operating systems and 2 web server control panel choices. Learn more about our Entry Level Dedicated Servers, Plesk Dedicated Servers, and standard Linux devoted servers.
Windows Dedicated Servers will give you the technology to run your Microsoft based applications on a reliable server. As an official Microsoft Service Provider and Hosting Partner, Web Designing India is able to bring you lower cost of ownership with services such as Plesk Dedicated Servers, Helm Dedicated Servers, SQL Dedicated Hosting, and Cold Fusion Dedicated Servers. Managed Dedicated Servers are just the start; Web Design Mumbai gives you the total solution with technologies that go beyond just a server. Learn more about the services that set us apart – Advanced Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection, Load Balancing and Cluster Server Solutions, Remote Backup Services, and Firewall Services.What are Dedicated Servers?A shared server is the logical choice of most businesses starting out on the website. Because internet hosting can cost hundreds of dollars per month, most small businesses decide a shared server so they do not have to invest so much money at the onset of their business. A shared hosting server can be a good option for a small internet business or a personal website.
Devoted servers host only your website. This means that all of the space and bandwidth on the server is yours and yours alone. You do not have to share hosting with other businesses. You can generally make your website as large as you want and comprise databases such as shopping carts as well as forums, which normally take up quite a bit of space. This also means that you have total control over the safety of your server and your website. You can add additional features that can create your site even more secure, to the advantage of both your customers as well as yourself. Dedicated servers generally cost a lot more each month to maintain, but there are different sizes as well as services available for this type of web hosting. When perusing the different options when it comes to dedicated servers online, you can usually find everything from larger servers to budget dedicated servers.View Creative Portfolio to see Web Design Mumbai portfolio of websites design, development and management.Keywords to find us online:

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