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Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a rising programming method to build and make web applications. The improved interactivity of AJAX-powered interfaces fills the traditional gap between Desktop and Web applications. With the completion of AJAX technology to develop custom web applications, a tremendous development can be seen in regards to the speed, interactivity and usability. AJAX is a definite benefit for any web application ranging from simple sites to the most complex and difficult business application.
AJAX + SOA: Added Value for Enterprise Applications
Rich web interfaces gives a more value to the future enterprise applications designed on the progressive SOA (Services Oriented Architecture). AJAX is a higher interface technology that gives extended visual service, desktop functionality and interactivity. AJAX adds more value to Services Oriented Architecture better user interaction with both local (intranet) and remote (internet, extranet) enterprise applications. By adding Rich Internet Application (RIA) to accessible enterprise IT infrastructure offers several advantages that comprises of better control over document circulation, operation cost savings and improved security.
• Standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS
• Real time form data validation
• Sophisticated User Interface Controls
• Data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT
• Asynchronous data retrieval
• Java script binding everything together
Ajax is a new web technology which breaks page reload example, it can send and retrieve data without reloading the whole web page, and this primarily saves time and bandwidth. AJAX is taken as common part of any dynamic web page with advanced user experience, which has benefited from the more complicated functionality using easier-to-implement web standards. Due to its added functionality, this technology is giving to be a real alternative for creating powerful web applications.
Understanding the advantages of using this technology for web application development. We have developed numerous complex web applications in Ajax like Content Management systems, image gallery applications and many more. Have a look at our web development Portfolio to know more about our expertise in AJAX programming.
AJAX Frameworks and Related Technologies
Web Designing India experts use different AJAX frameworks that let focus on application’s rare aspects by streamlining routing tasks. The use of this different framework increases developers’ productivity and speeds up development cycles.
• Prototype.js
• Yahoo UI
• Cpaint
• Rico
• jQuery
• ExtJS

We have solid experience with various AJAX related technologies that include:
• XForms
• Document Object Model
• XML / XSLT / Xpath
• JavaScript

If you are looking for Ajax programmer, Ajax PHP developer/ Ajax .Net developers, Contact us. We have developed numerous dynamic Web Applications using Ajax. We can give examples of Ajax web applications to show the effectiveness that Ajax brings to web application in a range of ways.

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AJAX Development & AJAX Programming Company Mumbai