What should an effective IT ticketing system provide?

The Information Technology team plays an important role in maintaining strong companies by providing them quick technical support to ensure productivity and efficiency within the company. The most integral part of their job is responding to ticket requests which can come from anyone and at anytime.

What is an IT ticketing system?
The main function of IT ticketing system is to manage all the incoming requests from other departments in the company. IT departments tend to have a high volume of requests and they need a system to manage the continuous process of every individual request, from submission to resolution. Internal IT help desk provides services to accomplish this from simple software to more complicated tools that track issues. Generally an IT ticketing system is designed to keep IT teams up to date on the status of ticket system IT. It is the responsibility of IT teams to resolve the issues in a timely manner. Using a ticketing raising software, eases the IT department’s stress by keeping all the information organized in a central hub. Sometimes, the IT department also turns into customer support help desk software to resolves their technical issues, regardless of whether the ticketing system will manage external or internal requests, the program should perform similarly.

What should an effective ticketing system provide?
A ticketing system should be easy to use and focus on communication and satisfaction of customers. The main objective of installing top help desk ticketing system is to ensure better and faster communication between the problem sender and problem resolver and therefore many companies are turning to these systems to maximize efficiency. There are some common technical features of IT ticketing system and they are as follows:
Self service portal: A self service portal helps to eliminate unnecessary emails/phone calls between parties. It also helps to standardize the ticket intake process which leads to automated ticket routing, alerts and ultimately solutions.
Ticket log: Once the ticket is received the next step is to log it. It creates a list of incoming tickets by showing timestamp. It also sort the tickets by the type of issue and examine the requests to the appropriate team member.
Secure System: Security should be top priority when choosing IT ticketing system even if there is no sensitive information given. Depending upon the nature of information being sent, IT teams need to tighten the security.

Therefore it is important to create ticket reporting system where the IT teams can review key metrics and analytic such as time to resolution, meeting deadlines etc as this will help in building strong relationships. Ultimately, an effective ticketing system should streamline entire IT ticketing service to run more smoothly.


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