Dot NET Development

.NET Development

Web Design Mumbai .NET development team aims on developing and enhancing custom applications built using C#, VB.NET, VC++ or VB/ASP on the .NET environment and is staffed by trained Microsoft Certified professionals with experienced applications development experience in chosen Microsoft development environments.

Our ASP.Net development services comprises of:

  • Designing and Programming using .NET
  • Migrating web based and stand-alone applications to .NET
  • Development, Support and Enhancement of existing applications in .NET
  • Porting of Legacy applications to .NET based application
  • Windows Application Development
  • Application development in .NET Compact framework

Languages: Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, C#, VBA

Web Technologies: DHTML, ASP, VB Script, ASP.Net, IIS

Databases: SQL Server 7.0 – SQL Server 2000, MS Access, MySQL

Programming API: COM, DCOM/COM+, ATL, OLE, OLE Automation, ActiveX, Win Sockets, Windows DDKs

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